In business since 1999.  

Endless Innovations, LLC. is an end-user integrator for flexible work cells and assembly/manufacturing fixturing for Military and Aerospace Facilities. With over 20yrs of design and manufacturing experience within these industries, we can help you evaluate the manufacturability of individual components as well as aid in establishing a lean work cell for sub and final assemblies. This can be by utilizing one of our expandable MUD-Master work centers or designed and integrated into an existing work cell. We have a full complete line of machining and fabrication equipment, giving us the ability to deliver complete fixture/assembly solutions.

We are a company who believes in the true craftsmanship of the American workforce
and are headquartered in the small town of West Falls, NY, where we've manufactured products for the aerospace, automotive, cycling, & outdoor industries. Our background hinges on over 20 years of Commercial/Military Aerospace designing, so some of our products may break tradition or convention – We think outside the box!


***Won "Small Business of 2014" award in Business First.

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