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The Mud Master Setup is an expandable, high precision work center. Built on an extruded framework for support of additional customized solutions, this table utilizes 8 precision ground steel plates that are machined with close fit ½ inch thru holes that accept a series of pin and setup fixture kits. The plates are ground as a matched set to ensure flatness across each table.  Spacing is set to accept Mud-Manufactured fixturing kits or any standard 5/8 T-nut packages for work holding and positioning.  Each end plate and leg support have linking features that allow additional tables to be quickly added and aligned length or width wise.  The Expansion-Series gives the user the ability to grow a work cell into a variety of configurations and sizes. All table tops come factory assembled and certified to ensure an accurate alignment and spacing of the plates.  With the True Flat ground surface, Fabrication Kits and Flexible Mounting options, projects can be setup quickly and accurately. CAD drawn documents are available for download from the Tech page of the website to aid in laying out a new project or recording a past set up.

This table is suited for Metal Fabrication, Assembly, In-Process Inspection, Reverse Engineering, General Shop activities and Wood Working to just name a few of the possibilities.

Numerous kits currently available to enhance the table's functionality include; Clamping Accessory Kits, Rolling/Leveling Casters, Width-Wise Table Expansion Kits, Length-Wise Table Expansion Kits, Locating Pin Kits, T-Nut Kits and Stud Block Adapters to allow threaded studs to be used with the table's ½ inch holes.


Please contact us regarding your companies needs - we will do our best by extending our services to customize the table to make it more suitable for you work environment. We'd love to hear from you and discuss working out a solution that works for you.

  • Here shows an example of a customized military component assembly work cell made to particular specifications for an aerospace company.  This table differs from the Standard Base Unit by having hard anodized end plates, anti-static center section/table top and adjustable shelf extensions, all customization is based on their needs.
Assembly Cell for General Aviation Industry...
Work Cells customized for an aerospace company.
Three Base Units are combined to create a specific work cell.
***Please Note:  Table weight Aprox. 380lbs.